Monday, October 5, 2009

Seasonal Changes

Last week my daughter and I created our own little retreat in the mountains. As we arrived at our condo, the weather changed, snow fell to dust the peaks, and the air took on that special autumn crispness. By the way, no, the mountain's not on fire, it's just a Colorado sunset.

We watched movies, shopped, sewed, hiked, and slept late. It was wonderful.

Back home, the changing of the seasons makes we want to get in the kitchen again. I think it's the chance to cook up things I haven't cooked in awhile. To me, fall is the time to bake, make soup, and cuddle in with all those comfort foods. In honor of fall, I made up some mixes this weekend that help me with the baking and cuddling. For info. on where the recipes came from, see this post. From left to right, hot chocolate mix, oatmeal mix, cookie mix, granola, and biscuit mix.

From my spot at the computer, I can see the maple tree out my back door is turning red today. I think I'll go walk the dog now and get some more autumn inspiration. Enjoy your week, everyone!

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