Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mud Bath

I think the clouds over my house decided to do their spring cleaning two days ago because, well, it rained mud. Icky brown, sticky, runny mud, all over my car that was parked in the street. It rained for no more than 5 minutes this morning. My car did not look like that last night. Really. The evening news said the mud rain was caused by some dirty upper air turbulence something-or-other, but I like my story better. At least somebody is doing spring cleaning...

Inside the house it's like slogging through mud as well. Now that I'm back to work (my day job is designing and managing print publications) projects and requests are coming at me faster than I can keep track of them. I feel like I can't get done with one simple project before three emails and two phone calls have distracted me into six different directions. It's like those dreams where you're trying to run but your legs won't move and you don't go anywhere. There now, I have used two analogies in one paragraph. Stunning.

Sorry for my long absence from this blog. I was suddenly hit with some unexpected health issues that kept my body and mind focused elsewhere. They're not over yet, but I'm recovering well, and back at the sewing machine, thank you. Updates on projects soon. Promise.