Friday, February 6, 2009

A Plethora of Pillows

OK, there's not really enough pillows to call it a plethora, but I like the word, can you blame me? Now that our old couch and chairs have been reupholstered, I was motivated to accessorize them with some funky pillows the kids could cuddle up with during movie watching and wii playing.

The triangular and the ball-shaped pillows came from the book Simple Sewing with a French Twist by Celine Dupuy. The triangular one is especially easy, made from two squares of fabric,
 and is quite nice to lean against. The large patterned round one gets used a lot as an ottoman. It has piping around the top and bottom edges and measures 24" in diameter by 12" tall. 

The square ones on the couch are filled with down inserts, and the floor pillows are stuffed with polyester fiberfill and shredded foam. The shredded foam is, of course, a mess to use, so work with it outside on a calm day to maintain your sanity! But the end result is really comfortable.

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