Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year (almost), New Projects

Why do I get so obsessed when there's a new project in my head? I couldn't even sleep well last night, because I kept waking up and thinking about starting a blog. Now I've spent the better part of my Saturday setting up this new blog. We'll see where it takes me. 

I'm hoping this new year means an end to major house projects. I can't believe I'm saying it, but yes, I'm sick of remodeling! Tiling three bathrooms, new vanity and sink in one, re-painting kitchen cabinets, tiling kitchen counters, laying new floor in the basement, and all 
the stripping, painting, and electrical work that goes along with it.... I've had it. As an example, we fished TV cable and ethernet wire through the walls from the attic to the basement, a job that we THOUGHT would take a few hours. THREE DAYS later, we finally brush off our dusty clothes and put the tools away. My husband and I have pledged to not start any new projects.

We'll see how long that pledge lasts.